Mycroft Holmes

As I opined on Facebook over the weekend, the 80’s/90’s Granada Sherlock Holmes series (they ran under several different names, plus several movies) are a treasure. Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock will always be the Holmes for me.

But one the less well-known gems in the series is Charles Gray as Mycroft Holmes. You might recognize him as Blofeld. If you’re really good, you might also recognize him from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Unfortunately, the series is just about impossible to find streaming online. Maybe someday.


Update: you can find the shows here.


Shepard Tones

Dunkirk has received mixed reviews. I’m still hoping to make it to the theater to see it, but I may end up waiting for home release.

Christopher Nolan’s movies have always been a treat. He’s a master of atmosphere and is adept at choosing worlds and themes that match his style. His treatment of Batman is probably as good as a live-action version of the character can be. The Prestige will always be on of my favorite movies of all time.

But all of his films and by all indications, Dunkirk is no exception, have outstanding soundtracks. This video provides some insight on how they do so much to contribute to his films.




Spider-Man Meets The Prankster!

Spider-Man showed up on the Electric Company in 1974, when I was ten years old. I was already a dedicated PBS viewer when the show appeared a few years earlier, and a live action Spider-Man, even if he was in rather corny shorts like above and never spoke, was a must watch.

There was also an Electric Company magazine that I was a big fan of too. I remember it have single-page origin stories for Marvel superheroes for a year or so. Heady stuff for ten-year-old.

And yes, that is Morgan Freeman.