Still Catching Up

Still catching up from being away a little over a week. Not coming back seems like a better option with each passing minute. But it is a Friday, which should mean good music. Enjoy some Dead Weather.

Vacation 2018

Vacations are about moments. Here are a few from the past 2 days, in no particular order.

Writing Update

It’s been a while since my last update. Writing for Multiversity Comics has been a lot of fun, but my first real project was time-consuming. I’ve written reviews for each episode of Luke Cage Season 2. You can find them at that link or my author archives page over there since it’s all I’ve written…

The First Monarch Arrives

My wife, Dagmar, works hard on our garden. It’s beautiful and I need to get out of the chair and take some photos. One of her projects has been growing milkweed, favorite meal of the Monarch butterfly. It grew this year, and we have our first customer! I really need to get outside.

The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

If you had just a minute to breathe And they granted you one final wish Would you ask for something like another chance? Or something similar as this? Don’t worry too much it’ll happen to you As sure as your sorrows are joys   It’s a shame there’s so few live videos of Traffic. Enjoy….


I woke up feeling groggy and sluggish as I do during allergy season. June is late for allergy season, but all bets off this year regarding what happens when. I think it’s part of everything being great again. So Freya wakes up unusually bouncy and exuberant. Freya is a lazy dog. The laziest. Basset Hounds…

Common Courtesy vs Strategy vs None of the Above

You arrive at the elevator bank at work. Several others are already waiting. It’s one of those banks with 3 or 4 doors on each side and call buttons placed in the middle of each wall. An elevator arrives near you as you approach. You know you’ll be getting off soon since your floor is near…

The Writer’s Life?

While this blog hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves, I have been getting a great deal of writing done. Over at Baeldung I’ve finished four posts in the past two months. There’s a good chance these titles don’t mean anything to you. No worries. Using Lombok’s @Builder Annotation A Guide to Logback Using the JetS3t API with…

Get My Free Book!

If you’re a fan of science fiction, you should download my free ebook! H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds tells us what happened when in the English countryside when Mars attacked Earth. What happened in the U.S? The Sixth Age novella tells you what was happening in America at the same time. What happened after the attack? How did…